London 2009

17 days in the British capitol, including a two week internship at Zip Design

Christine, my landlady for two weeks.

Turning left into Kilburn Highroad - my daily way to work

By foot from Kilburn Highroad to Salusbury Road

The Queen's Studios building where Zip Design is to be found.

Celebration break for James' 9th birthday (according to the candles on the cake ;))

James, Alex and Perrine on the Bakerloo line to Oxford Circus

Karaoke somewhere in Soho...

9 people + two bottles of wine in one box - most of them singing off-key ;)

Stupid tourists somewhere around Portobello Market O:-)

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. It took me ages to find the right shutter speed!

Big Ben again.

Buses driving at the speed of light

On my way to Piccadilly Circus

Oxford Circus. They could've made it a little more christmassy for my taste ;o)

Colourful Carnaby Street

Chepstow Crescent, my bus stop in Notting Hill

Sunday shopping trip in Camden Town

Stables Market

French medieval tones on Camden High Street

Hydepark, Speaker's Corner. This guy was talking about Social Democracy in his Jägermeister raincoat

Wellington Arch between Green Park and Palace Gardens

Four Germans exploring London

Queen Victoria Memorial

Pelican at St. Jame's Park Lake. His posturing looked very professional and he even kept a straight face when tourists sat down next to him. Most likely he got paid as well as the Queen's Guards ;)

Whitehall Parliament/Westminster Station

Couldn't take my camera off Big Ben ;)

Piccadilly Circus

Notting Hill by night - view from my landlady's living room

Washday during my 2nd week. Never seen such an unfunctional laundry rack before! It took 3 days til all clothes were dry.

Grand Union Canal - on my last day at Zip I went home afoot and detected I could've walked the distance from Queens Park to Notting Hill more often.. It was almost faster than taking the bus!

Westborn Park rails - my cam helped me to look over the wall :)

The Metropolitan. Maybe you already noticed, I love taking pictures with time exposure =)

Westbourne Park Road

Ledbury Road

Falafel "King" really isn't exaggerated! I've always wanted to try Falafels and now that I've tasted them here I probably won't like to eat Falafels anywhere else again ;)

Road works all over Piccadilly Circus!

Rush at Trafalgar Square

The Lion King (couldn't find Elton John though ;)

The Sherlock Holmes (a bar, not the museum)

Victoria Embankment. Maybe this Sphinx needs some fresh air while all the others have to work at the British Mueum?

Pilone (what's the english word for this thingy?) takes a rest :)

St. Paul's Cathedral - less pretty than at night

Hiking south of the Thames, Riverside Walk

Pirates of the Thames?

Tube Enlightenment

Tower Bridge

The Tower of London

St. Paul's Cathedral

Ice skating at Somerset House

Road works jungle

A little too rainy to shop. Pettycoat Lane Market.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane street lamp

Apparently someone is eliminating his dolls collection.

»I'll do graffiti if you sing to me in french« ;)

Hanbury Street

I'd call this »the London egg peeking at me« ;)

After eating thai dinner, Oliver took me to Beach Blanket Babylon. Great interior, but I've never spent so much money on only two drinks!

That's the way a queen wants to be seated O:-)

German ground under my feet again. And fortunatley with MY luggage this time! :)

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